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The Hardest Pose

May 14, 2015

There is a children’s book that I remember reading to my son called “The Hardest Word”.  It was a book about a colorful bird called The Ziz who had to find the most difficult word in the english language and bring it back to God.  He went all over the world and collected all sorts of complicated and intricate words with many letters and meanings, but to no avail. Until one day when he finally found it out.  The word was, “I’m Sorry.”

This story reminds me of what I consider the hardest Yoga pose of them all.  There are many postures that are complicated and intricate and involve being upside down and balancing on one leg, but out of all of these there is one that is both simple and the hardest thing to do.

This pose is Savasana – Relaxation Pose and it is a challenge for most of my students.

Be honest.  Do you find it more difficult to go to a power Yoga class or to take 30 minutes at home to practice and breath?  In my experience, most of us do not make the time for relaxation and we suffer because of it.  The excuse is that we just “don’t have the time.”

When you allow yourself to let go, you can use your time more effectively and efficiently.  If we do not take care of ourselves and give ourselves time to release tension and calm our nervous system, how available are we really going to be for those around us? A regular restorative practice will help you see that you cannot afford NOT to relax.

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